All is not what it seems


This is just a placeholder. Content will be added soon. Not only on the "Zwartkeel-vechtkwartel" (in English the "Barred Button-quail", literally translated from Dutch the "Black Throat Fighting Quail"), but on various other topics too.


Common denominator is "Having Fun".


The main page will, however, be dedicated to our little friends (and this site's godchildren): the barred buttonquails, regularly adding information on these birds.


The certificate shows the sponsorship of this

site of the Barred Buttonquail in the Antwerp Zoo. This could become quite interesting, as, amongst others, the following questions need to be resolved:


- They are actually not Quails, so what are they?

- Why are they then called Quails?

- Why are they called "Fighting Quails" in some languages?

- Can they fly? Can Quails fly?

- How is the domestic organization? Who wears the trousers in an avarage Buttonquail-family?

- What are the names of the Buttonquails in the Zoo and how can we recognize them?

- Where do they live (their habitat)?

- Where do they live (in the Zoo)? and so on...

Sneak Preview

Not an excellent picture, but better ones will be taken! There are two of them in the Antwerp Zoo. See whether you can guess which one is male and which one is female. The plaques on their habitat in the Zoo provide some clues to make an educated guess.

Are you unable to get there? No worries: in the coming weeks this page will provide more pictures and information.


All is not

what it seems

There is no "Battle-Quail". This is just a literal translation from the Dutch name "Vecht-kwartel".

The correct English denomination is "Striped Buttonquail".

Moreover, the Buttonquail is not a Quail.